A dive into at Koa.js - another Node.js Framework

December 16, 2020

Koa - A lightweight yet powerful framework with Node.js

As someone who is used to working with Ruby on Rails, coming across a project like Koa is refreshing. It’s a lightweight yet robust and expressive framework. Did I say lightweight? At just about 2000 lines of code, the same team that brought you Express is now attempting to bring you… another framework commpeting with itself? Yes and no. This is kinda giving me that feeling when I started using that this could be another Angular why fix whats not broken train. This could be like a divide and conquer effort ideally, rather than divide and burnout.

So why create another Node.js framework when Express is so great?

As explained in the Koa docs here Koa aims to “fix and replace node”, whereas Express aims to “augmement node”.

Node, I won’t let you leave me. Stay with me forever.

Did they really say replace Node?

I doon’t beliefve the actually meant replace like take out, right? However, if there is anyone who can take node.js down a notch, this might be team. Remember though, Node is much more than a Javascript Framework it a runtime environment. When the web was first conceived, Javascript was built in 10 days

Fun Fact, let the record shwo that the same guy who created Javascript also created the Hapi Framework, as well as the highly recommended Brave Browser

I thought this post was about koa…

Oh it is, it is.

Where do I get started?

Koa gives you the complete power to do whatever you want with it. Awesome, now don’t excercise caution here. With great power comes great responsibility. If you have used rails extensively like I have you will be used to the framework taking ck it up. Basically, it will be as secure or insecure as you make it. Be sure to see my upcoming guides on making and breaking these framworks where I go into detail on exploiting each framwork in turn. Luckilly, there are several posts to help you get started.

I highly recommened you give Koa a try. I’ll post about my experience soon and have a how to ready. Until then, Happy holidays.

You are only as free as you think you are and freedom will always be as real as you believe it to be.”― Robert M. Drake

Hint: I have an upcoming Blog Post about the Cryptocurrency, Pi. I think it has potential, and for the moment you can still mined for free!