25 Days of Christmas - TryHackMe Challenge 2020

December 03, 2020

On December 1st 2020, TryHackMe started their second 25 Days of Christmas hacking challenge. In this fun challenge, it’s up to you, the intern Elf McEager as well as the security specialist Elf McHacker to take back santas network from a hacker trying to ruin Christmas! Being the lover of christmas that I am, and always wanting to be one of santas elves deep down, naturally I knew Santa needed my help. I had no choice but to Join Tryhackme and sign up for the Advent of Securiy christmas challenge, and if you are interested in Cybersecurity, Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Blue Teaming, or Bug Bounty programs, you should too.

Advent of Christmas 2

This Challenge offers to teach you the basics of Cyber Security by offering a new, beginner friendly security excercise every day leading up to Christmas. Not only that, they are giving away over $10,000 worth of prizes, with each security excercise presenting you with about 10 questions you answer while doing the challenge, and each question answered giving you a better chance at winning one of the amazing prizes. The details for the challenge and list of the prizes are on this page, as well as a signup link. The prizes and experience you will gain alone are enough for one to want to pay to enter this challenge, if you are at all interested in getting into the field of Ethical Hacking or Bug Bounties, definitely sign up for this.

Christmas Spirit all year long

Another very cool aspect of this challenge is that you don’t have to feel stressed or pressured to finish right away, or worry if you are too busy or taking the necessary time to learn the concepts, the challenge will stay open until November 2021, and even offers a certificate of completion at the end. Not only that, they make it ever more beginner-friendly as well as inviting by having seasoned and experienced Security Specialists walk you through each excercise. Day 1 starts here with John Hammond, who I would highly recommend you subscribe to his Youtube channel.

I will keep updating as I get time about these challenges, and I will hopefully be able to post some helpful tutorials to dive into some of the concepts that are covered in this fun challenge, I plan to make a post and possibly video tutorial of walking through setting up OpenVPN on each distro, MacOS, Windows, and Linux distributions, check back for those soon. For now, get your Santa hats on, sleigh bells ready to slay, open that terminal, and get to typing. Or, if you have no idea what half of that means, try signing up at HackerOne and start learning via the hacker101 CTF (Capture the flag) Challenge. Learn more of CTF’s here

That’s it for now, whether you are joining the fray, just learning, or warming up your hot chocolate to watch the show, just know one thing. Christmas isn’t going to be foiled this year, not if we can help it! Together we hit harder. Let’s help make the internet a safer place, and show people that hackers are not all bad, in fact those that do bad typically are not much of a hacker at all. Keep posted for more! Happy Holidays, and Happy Hacking!