Hello Internet

October 13, 2020

Yeah well, the acorn becomes the oak. Yeah. But sometimes the acorn just stays an acorn. You don’t believe me look in my gutters.

After 31 years of speaking but never being heard, sometimes too fast yet always too slow, too loud and yet barely a whisper. After 31 years of listening, he decided it was time to speak. Clicking the pen, cracking his hands, opening his pages, finally taking his eyes away from the unreachable prize, he wrote.

I have not been one to make many public posts, yet always seem to have a lot to say. I plan to post my thoughts here. Per usual, they reflect my opinions of me, myself and understanding of things that as I understand them, think I understand them, do understand them, or will.

I plan to write about Programming, Hacking, Cryptocurrency, and other miscellane things. If you find those things interesting, you might find something useful, if not, maybe try again later. You never know what one will find if they try hard enough.

The Cave You Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek